Thursday, November 12, 2009

Entertainer of the Year goes to....TAYLOR SWIFT!!!

She won. I can't believe it. I'm so freaking happy :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

You Could've Had Me

Another song I wrote...just been getting hit with these things lately. :)

You could have had everything
Handed to you on a plate
You could have been something so amazing
You could have been the one for me
Now all I'm left with is a fantasty
A broken shard of some messed up dream

And I stand here looking around
What just happened
There's no sound of yesterday's dream
It's gone
And it's all your fault
You could have had me

You could have been my number one
We could have been something so incredible
Something so free
But you threw it all away
For something else
For something that wasn't me

And I stand here looking around
What just happened
There's no sound of yesterday's dream
It's gone
And it's all your fault
You could have had me

And I could say it again and again
Scream it in your ear
You won't hear it
Ignoring every thing I say
It's not worth it
Not worth it

And I stand here looking around
What just happened
There's no sound of yesterday's dream
It's gone
And it's all your fault
You could have had me

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beautiful Smile Hiding A Broke Heart

So here is my first try at posting a song on here. I've written songs before but thought I would try posting one on here. Here it goessss :)

Oh, before I forget, this song is about suicide prevention, inspired by the death of a very close friend on mine, who decided to end her life tragically. If we all would just take the time, we could save lives.

Beautiful smile hiding a broken heart
And you feel like the world is ending when your life has just gotten started
So many emotions rushing through your mind
If only someone would take the time
To show you the beautiful you

And it all could end in just one breath
It all could be over for you
Cause we all live our lives shallowly hiding
Never wanting to reveal the truth
So can someone open up their eyes
And turn around this crazy view
Cause everything is coming crashing down
And if we don't step back and look around
It'll be over for you

Fake laughter hiding scars
The bruises of the past written all over your arms
And if only someone could just stop the time
Show you what you're worth
Show you that you're mine
To show you the beautiful you

And it all could end in just one breath
It all could be over for you
Cause we all live our lives shallowly hiding
Never wanting to reveal the truth
So can someone open up their eyes
And turn around this crazy view
Cause everything is coming crashing down
And if we don't step back and look around
It'll be over for you

And it all could end in just one breath
It all could be over for you
Cause we all live our lives shallowly hiding
Never wanting to reveal the truth
So can someone open up their eyes
And turn around this crazy view
Cause everything is coming crashing down
And if we don't step back and look around
It'll be over for you

Beautiful smile hiding a broken heart

So what do you guys think? All comments would be appreaciated!!! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh oh OHHHHH!!!!!

Forgot to mention that Taylor Swift's music video for Fifteen has come out and it is AH-MAZZINGGGGGG!!!! Check it out...right now!!! Why are you still reading this...GO NOW!!!! Watch it...and then come back and comment that you did. Would make me quite happy :)

Feeling bad for Johnny Horton right now...this just hasn't been his championship so far :((((((


Heyyyyy....yeahhhh, I know haven't blogged in forever but I've just been so busy!!!! Right now doing hw (fun I life is oh so exicting!!!! Yes, that is sarcasm dears...) and watching the 2009 Gymnastics World Championships :D Just watched Johnathon Horton...fall... :((((( Poor Johnny...haven't been following gym stuff as much as I used to...ah, such is life...

A commercial just played and it stated (not just said, loves, STATED) that a sound system thing is "So good it will seduce you"...yeahhh...cause a hunk of silver plastic is sooooo seducing....hmmm...

Well, that is honestly really it...wished I had something more interesting to say. So much has been happening!!! Taylor vs. Kayne (eff you Kayne!!!), a boy was in a ballon hiding and then missing and then oh wait ha joking he was in the basement....did Jon Gosselin hack into Kate's emails (sorry I'm just reading off the headlines on heheheheeee my only source for news :))...Leona Lewis was somebody...who punched her...jerk, let's kick his toushy!!....David Letterman had an affair (really celebs...really???) Miley deleated her Twitter (cause that's just oh so earth Miley really? Screw you...)OMG Heidi Klum and Seal had a daughter!!!! Awww...this is the first I've heard about it!!! Lou Sulola Samuel...*sigh* awwww :) Taylor Swift is nominated for SIX AMA awards (woot woot!!!!), Daughtry is playing at the CMA's (squeal!!!) and so is....drumroll please...for the first time in FOUR YEARS...keep that drumroll up...TIM MCGRAW!!!! Cause when you think Tim McGraw hope you think...ok, yeah you get the point...

I'm really in love with some songs right now. "Misery Business" by Paramore and "Two Is Better Than One" Boys Like Girls featuring the lovely Miss TAYLOR SWIFT...actually the whole Love Drunk album is amazing soo...get it!

Wow that turned out longer than I thought it would....half of it was worthless junk not worth knowing heheheheeee...thank you for wasting five minutes of your life to read my little ol' blog...if you will check out all the OTHER posts and mayhaps leave a comment or better yet STALK...ahem, follow me I would be quite eleated.... :)

She's got a body like an hourglass ticking like a clock...ok I probably should go now...hehehehe lovelovelove you alll...Peace out trout <3

Monday, August 17, 2009

VISA Championships and Taylor Swift!

Congrats to Bridget Solan!!!!! So so so so proud of her winning the VISA Championships! She totally deserved it and was absoutely amazing. Also congrats to Johnathon Horton. He looked amazing (as always) and proud of him of winning the VISA Championships (men, obviously), he totally deserved it. :)

I was right!!! Taylor Swift's new single will be Fifteen. Hahaha, just what I said in my last blog! Am I physic or what?! Ok maybe not...but still, I'm pretty darn good!

Sorry that this came out a little late this was in my drafts for a good three days, but I had no oppertunity to get on during the weekend, and then Monday I had school stuff. Ugh, I start next Monday :O!!!!!

Gotta go loves! Peace out trout!

lovelovelove-Avrill <3

Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 Visa Championships

I caught the whole thing on Thursday night and I have to say it was quite interesting. First was vault, not much anything amazing or spectacular. Kayla Williams looked fantastic though. Totally stuck it. I am very impressed with this girl. I expect her to go very far in this sports, she looked amazing on all of her routines, very solid, very good.

I have to say alot of the new talent did impress me. I'm not to big on Rebecca Bross. She needs a little more originality to her. Not blaming the fact that she happens to attend WOGA, but this whole "Maybe she'll be the future all-around champ, third one for WOGA" is a bit much for me. Come on. Let's let the girls do gymnastics, not try and create a franchise out of all of this. It just makes it all cheezy and publicity.

I loveloveloveloveloved Bridget. Absoutely fantastic routines. She may not have stuck everything, but still very fantastic.

Ivana was ok. Did not like her beam at all. Way to much like Nastia's. Again, I'm all about originality. Nastia is Nastia. She is fantastic and that beam routine works for her. Not for Ivana.

Nastia looked ok also. Very shaky on her beam, but still very nice. I do not like all this hype about her though. This "She is the BEST GYMNAST ON THE ENTIRE PLANET!!!'' No. No. No. NO. She is an incredibly excellent gymnast, who won THAT DAY. That's all that matters. There is no such thing as being the best in the world. It all depends on different situations and what happens THAT DAY. She is not "the queen of beam". She is excellent on beam and I love her to death, but she is not the queen of anything. Nobody is. There is no such thing.

But I do know one thing. After 2012, I predict Nastia is going to be coaching along side her dad. Seriously, she is already doing it! She's got the attitude, everything. And I think she would be a wonderful coach.

I L-O-V-E-D Sam's beam routine. Could not get more solid and good than that girl did. Overall, she was also ok, but I think if she tweaks some things she'll be wonderful.

Do not expect Jana to stay in the sport much longer. Very meediocre, no zip or spark. Didn't look all that happy either. Nah, she's not gonna last.

That's it from me! Peace out trout!

lovelovelove-Avrill <3

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Take a deep breath and you walk through the doors...

So school is starting in about two weeks for me (one for some, some have already started!). So what's that got to do with the title? Well, it's called Fifteen, written by the lovely Taylor Swift, about her freshman year. And I have a hunch that Fifteen is going to be her next single because of school starting and all. I wish it would be Forever and Always, because that is my favorite song off of the Fearless album, but hey, Fifteen is good to. I can really relate to that song. The line "Someone tells you they love you, you're gonna believe them". That was me. At fifteen. I was a sophomore instead of a freshman though, but I think anyone at that age can relate to the song, whether they are a freshman, ,sophomore, or homeschooler. I think what stuck out to me though was the fact that I was fifteen, going in highschool for the first time, but I had completed a homeschooler, freshman year, so I was a sophomore, and how scary it can be. Everyone in that grade knows each other from freshman year and you feel all alone. And then some really cute guy, tells you they love you and you believe him. You swear you're going to marry him someday and you think he is the one. And then you find out that he cheated on you. Then Should've Said No came into the picture. Then it was Picture to Burn. Then when he tried to apologize it was You're Not Sorry. Now I am happy to say it turned into Fearless (with a new guy) and Our Song. I know, so incredibly long, just to say how much I get it. My life is music after all. :)

In closing, I wanted to add a blog post Taylor added that I found so inspiring and made me so exicted for school starting (I'll be a junior this year!!! YEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!) :)

"Just a few years ago, mid-August meant back-to-school shopping and getting my class schedules. It meant wondering where my locker was, hoping it was an upper locker (not a lower locker. Because I'm a giant.) Hanging out with my best friend Abigail at her house, talking about guys, and how someday I wanted to be a singer and she wanted to get a college scholarship for swimming. Those day-before-school jitters, finishing up summer projects, and having nightmares about tripping and falling in front of everybody on the first day. Then you guys came into the picture.

Now mid-August means touring the country, singing songs about my life, and looking out at people singing the words back to me. Preparing for my performance on the VMA's and counting down to my first concert at Madison Square Garden. My band and I are gearing up for our next trip back to the UK. Abigail is still my best friend, and we still talk about guys, but now she's in college at Kansas with a scholarship for... you guessed it: Swimming. And last night, she and my friend Kellie Pickler came out onstage and surprised me with a sign that said "Congratulations, Taylor! You Won 2 Teen Choice Awards!" These days, I spend a lot of my time planning my next step, organizing my next project, coming up with my next move.. But what I think about even more than all of that is the fact that you guys DID come into the picture, and you made all of this happen.

I think about high school a lot, and how I'm so glad to have had two years of going to school and messing up my locker combination and going to football games and participating in gym class even though I have no coordination. I'll never forget walking past the guy I'd been crushing on for months, making eye contact with him, and then realizing my flip flop had fallen off right in front of him. Turn around, pick it back up, pretend like you're not mortified. I'll never forget the talent show my freshmen year, the one I was so nervous about.. I wanted to write a song specifically for the talent show, so I wrote one in about 20 minutes one day after school. It was about my then-boyfriend and it was called "Our Song". I'll never forget having my permit, and switching places with my mom in the car when we got to school in the mornings. I'll never forget getting asked to go to prom two days before, buying a $40 dress, and having the time of my life. You have your bad days when it feels like there's just so much drama, or not enough going on at all. But then you have the days you'll never forget, the ones that make you into who you're going to be. This is not my graduation speech, I swear.

This is just me saying to you.. Thank you for what you've done for me.

And to those of you going back to school, take it in.

And I hope you don't fall in front of everybody on the first day. ;)


In real closing now, peace out trout!

Lovelovelove-Avrill <3

Monday, August 10, 2009

Teen Choice Awards

So the Teen Choice Awards were on last night but I missed it because my lil sis has a friend spending the night (I wouldn't have remembered but I was quite happy to find out that Taylor won TWO SURFBOARDS (side note: why surfboards? I know it's summer and all but still...surfboards? Really?) Choice Music Female Artist and Choice Music Female Artist Album!!! I am so so so happy and proud of her to win those, especially since she was the only country person out there. :) Some other winners that made me happy: David Archuleta won Choice Music Love Song (they like long titles don't they?) for his song "Crush", Shawn Johnson won Choice Female Athelte (gooooo Shawny!!!!), and Daren Kagasoff won Choice Summer TV Male for "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" (my favorite show :) ).

So, yup, that's it from me! Peace out trout!

lovelovelove-Avrill <3

Friday, August 7, 2009

Seconds, hours, how many days?

I am seriously in love with this song. The lyrics are amazing and it is such a powerful song. It makes me want to do so much. It makes me want to laugh, cry, do something amazing, jump up and down, run with no desination, conquer anything, hug people, sing at the top of my lungs, dance in the rain, write a story/'s a powerful song. I love it. Hope you find it just as amazing as I do! :)

Not really anything else going on. I don't update as much cause it feels like no one really reads it...ah well such is life...

Anywho hope everyone else is having a good end-of-summer! Can't believe it is going to be over!!! School is just like 2 weeks away for me. Where did the time go???? Anyways, peace out trout!

lovelovelove-avrill <3

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Band camp!!!!!

Leaving for band camp on Sunday! I am going to be gone a whole month...yeeee I am exicted!!!! But that does mean a month of no electronics so I won't hear from you guys :(

The joke with my family right now is "One night a camp..." Haha, lamo I know but I find it funny (shhh don't let them know I said that ;) ) So anyways just letting you know were I am going to be so you don't freak out when I don't update in FOREVE!!!!!

As an ending note here is a list of songs that I find amazing right now:
Not Meant To Be-Theory of a Deadman
So What-P!nk
Calling You-Blue October
No Surprise-Daughtry
Her Diamonds-Rob Thomas
Battlefield-Jordin Sparks
Leave The Pieces-The Wreckers
Fall For You-Secondhand Serenade (my life theme song)
Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol
No Boundaries-Kris Allen

Peace out trout! lovelovelovelove you!!!!!!-Avvy <3

Friday, May 29, 2009

Coming HOME!!!!!!!

I am so so so so so SOOOOOOOOO EXICTED because in a couple of hours I will be on a 12-hour flight to HOME!!!!!!!!! It has been AMAZING here but I really do miss where I live so I am very exicted :)

The 12-hour flight isn't the happiest prospect but I will probably sleep through most of it and with Eric and Jen and a pretty much empty plane...I'm not going to be bored, let's say :P

So right now packing and dancing around the bedroom (with Eric, haha) to My Life Would Suck Without You (LOVE that song) and putting a WHOLE bunch of music on my Itouch. I found a whole bunch of really great songs that are probably really popular but I've never listened to, lol. Here's the list for anyone interested.

I Miss You-Blink 182
Over You-Daughtry
Boom Boom Pow-Black Eyed Peas
Waking Up In Vegas-Katy Perry
Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop-Landon Pigg
Sugar, We're Going Down Swinging-Fall Out Boy
Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Green Day
Gotta Be Somebody-Nickleback
I'm Yours-Jason Mraz

Definitly recommend checking them out. Peace out trout!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rawr! I'm a dog!!!!

That is what my little four-year old cousin, Adrian said yesterday morning. She is too cute!

But alas, she is VERY opinated. VERY. Makes it very hard to try and entertain her when she keeps having to give you her thoughts and critcisms on EVERYTHING. That's actually kinda entertaining all by itself :)

Haha, at least she listens to Eric. He has a way with four-year old lie! Haha :D Trying to take a picture of them but cannot find the camera...and of course Little Miss Opinated is "borrowing" (as she calls it) my phone. Which in her world is basically to hold it and not let go. anyways if I ever get a pic I'll post it :)

Not much going on here. Enjoying the last days we get here. Can't believe we will be leaving so soon!'s been...a month? A month and 1/2 maybe? Anyways it feels so much shorter.

Ahaha! Found the camera! Alright then, going to go me loves! Peace out trout <3

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

There are men on the roof...

of the neighbor's house fixing the roof and whenever they pound their hammers it sounds like fireworks totally freaking me out...gah, there they go again!!!!

Only about 12 more days here in Aussie. I'm gonna miss it so much. But it'll be back to the USA for meesy. Matt's grandma passed away last night so he is not going to be flying back out, he'll stay there until we come back. He's called dibs on picking us up from the airport, silly boy.

Oh yeah, I did kill that person who hacked into my stuff...ok, not LITERALLY kill, I did call him and scream at him. Who was it? It was this boy who has this MAJOR crush on me that I've known for a while here in Australia. But of course when he found out that I was dating Eric he got INSANELY jealous and proceeded to hack into my stuff to try and break us apart. Nice try Casanova (not his real name of course...although he would deserve a name that ugly...) but it ain't gonna work.

Anywho I just want to send my congrats to Ally, who is getting married tomorrow...well today here...but tomorrow in the US. I am SO thrilled for her and Ethan and wish them the best of everything :)

Chao y'all

Monday, May 18, 2009


OMG!!!!! ACK! Somebody has hacked into all my social netoworking accounts! I mean I JUST woke up...and woah what a story to wake up to.

First off Eric is like "Avvy, baby, what is all this about you having sex with Matt?" WHAT?! ME have sex with MATT!????!!!! First off I haven't seen Matt at ALL since I got back, he had to fly back to the US Saturday because his grandma is taking a turn for the worst and they think she won't be around much longer. Second off, I would NEVER EVER EVER have sex with Matt. I'm saving that for marriage thank you and even if I wasn't I would never do it with Matt as he is like my big brother to me, and he would never want to do that either. So all of this drama that was posted is absoulete gibberish. Do not believe one thing at all.

Appreantly whoever it was (and trust me I think I know who it was) knows me and my friends because they hacked into Matt, Jen, and Eric's Myspaces and changed their statuses and stuff. So right now I'm trying to figure this out and clean it up....this is the second time....why oh why can't hackers just leave me alone! And I think (I'm 99.9% confident) who it is...and trust me they're going to get KILLED when I'm done with this....

So everything is fine here. Jen misses Matt, but we're going snorkeling today and doing other fun stuff. So again I am SO SORRY to freak everybody out with that....

Peace out trout!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Scandals and the Lies...

Start out depressed everything comes as a pleasant suprise

Just messing around online right now...writing odds and ends stories/songs, updating pics/themes, listening to music, buying new music off iTunes....just random stuff.

Katie and I stayed up WAY late last night, just talking about anything and everything. And...I found out she knows were my sister is!!!! She has her phone number and talks to her regularly. And I just found out it seems EVERYONE knew were she was accept for me! I have no clue why they wouldn't tell me. She is my big sister. My idol. She left when I was 10...I haven't spoken to her for 6 years. A long time I know...I'm kinda scared to call her though. I mean come on I haven't spoken to her for 6 years! I think I'm going to wait to get back to Australia though. It's still all new and fresh.

Anyways, I gotta go. Katie and I are going to run errands and have lunch and stuff.


P.S. Friend me on Facebook! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Writer's Block...and Germany...and Prom

So I have this story up on Polyvore based on a real life event that happened to me in Janurary. It was formerly titled The Month of Janurary but I want to change the name...I'm seriously considering just deleating it and starting over....I dunno. Thoughts would be nice.

In Germany right now because my great grandmother is sick and this will probably be the last time I will get to see her. Ahh, I love Germany. Mostly because I love champagne. Seriously I'm like addicted to it. Now now trust me I don't drink TO much...and no, I've never gotten drunk. It's not THAT addictive. But I am drinking some right now sooo....hmmm.... lol :D

Also prom is coming up for my cousin's homeschool thing and they are taking me and my gang. It should be fun. It's nice because we thought we were going to miss prom because we would be in Australia and not in the US but turns out we won't lol.

Gotta gooo!!! Peace out trout! <3

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mess With My Girlfriend And You Better Know How To Run...

So my cousins dared Matt to kiss me while I was sleeping...quite a way to wake up. Let's just say Eric was NOT happy...NOT at all. He chased Matt around the house (Matt was screaming like a girl) and finally caught and tossed him into the deep end of the pool. All of this at 5:30 in the morning. Lovely...truely lovely...they did makeup in the end lol :)

Having a lovely time here. My hair is becoming darker so I will be a brunette soon!!! My aunt gave me some hair dye that comes out when you wash your hair, so I can switch between being a blonde and a brunette. Heh heh I will freak people out fo sho!!!! Mwhahaha.... :D

Peace out trout! <3

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Today is my birthday!!!!! I am now offically 16!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOO happy!!! 15 was probably one of the most crazy years of my life. Looking back I can so relate to the song Fifteen by Taylor Swift, especially the line "Somebody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe them". My ex told me he loved me and I was the only one for him and then I found out I wasn't the only girl in his life. Yeah, I can totally relate to so many of her songs. They're literally my life. Thankfully right now they're the love ones, not the break-up ones. :) Haha, love ya Eric <3

Next up is Mother's Day. Using Windows Media Maker, I'm going to use video clips of me, bro, and sis, to the song Best Days by Taylor Swift. I am super exicted about it and it is going quite well, looking very lovely.

Alright well, gotta go! Peace out me loves!!!! <3


Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Zoo

The zoo was a blast! Koalas are incredibly adorable! Very clingy though, lol :) Matt didn't appreciate too much when one decided his hair looked like something to grab onto. He had quite a time prying it off his head. I have a hilarious picture of it and will post soon.

But kangaroos definitly have to be my favorite. If you want to be able to interact with these gorgeous animals, definitly go to Australia. Although, be warned, they are a tad bit greedy, lol. But they are completely adorable and funny.

I cannot believe how late I'm actually going to bed here! And I'm never tired the next morning! Granted I could go to bed earlier but I choose to go to bed a little later so that I can post and update you guys, since I never have time during the day.

Anyways, going to turn in soon. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! <3

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Night!

I find this SO FUNNY! I'll be saying Good Night to my family in Texas and they'll be like Good morning! Lol, hilarious. That's why I don't really post during the day because y'all are sleeping then. But I'm having a great time here, taking awesome pictures, and just having a blast. Even with school :)

Well night loves!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good morning!

It is 6:30 am, April 29th here right now and Matt and I are the only ones awake. So I uploaded some pics on Twitpic but for some reason can't post them on here, so please check them out off the links on my Twitter. I think I hear Eric waking up so going to go now, loves!

Time Difference

The time difference here in Australia is totally WACKING ME OUT!!! Sorta...right now it is 10:13 pm. In Texas it is 7:45 am. Pretty off right now. So normally I would have just woken up. Here, I have finished dinner and am hanging out by the pool . Ahhhh...this is the life! I have already taken quite alot of pics and some video too, so I will TRY and upload those sometime in the near or far future, lol. :)

Peace out trout! <3

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Landed

I just landed in Australia and was greeted by cousins, my aunt and uncle, and my grandma. Ahhhh, so good to be back here!!!! :)

Funny story. Matt, Jen, Eric, and I came out and spotted my family. Well let's say Gammi never did meet Eric other than me showing a pic of him off my phone. At the time she had said "He looks rather funny. (unfortunatly he was not wearing his glasses in that pic...and yes, he did look funny but I wasn't going to admit THAT) So we came up and my gammi was like "Who is in tarnation is THAT stranger." Eric took off his glasses to clean them and she said "Oh, it's that funny looking boy in your phone!" I was so embarrssed...then she whispered rather loudly "Good choice honey" My family.... I love them so much! :D

Going to leave now to eat!!!! lovelovelove-Avrill

Saturday, April 25, 2009

One word: AH-MAZING!!!!

I'm watching videos from Taylor Swift's first tour concert. And it is simply put, AH-MAZING!!!! It looks like the most awesome thing EVER!!! Ahhhh, I cannot wait for when she comes to Texas! Soooooo exicting!!!!!

Going to Wal-Mart to pick up a gift for a baby shower tomorrow, and a copy of Fearless for my cousin in Australia for her bday. Also realized I will be celebrating my birthday in Australia, so for that weekend my fam will fly out to celebrate with me, then fly back home. I'll be 16!!!! Ahhhh, so exicting!!!!

Love you all!!!!!! <3

Friday, April 24, 2009

Packing and bagels....

Right now eating a bagel and watching Christy, the second volume. Ah, I love the second volume more than the first. Much more dramatic. :)

We've been packing quite a bit lately. There's alot you have to pack when you're going to be gone for two months, lol. :D Ahhh, I cannot wait! So exicting. Such a bonus all my friends get to go to (all 3 of them!).

So glad it is Friday!

Well, I gotta go and toast another bagel, lol. Peace out trout! <3

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Listen up Perez...and Miley...and Heidi

So we all know about the Miss California controversy thing. Anyways, so Perez has been acting quite like a child and been trying to get support from as many people as possible. So Miley Cyrus and Heidi Montag, Britney Spears, Jewel, and countless other people have said "Oh, yes love is love blah blah blah" and a bunch of other junk. So I replied to him, Miley, and Heidi (mostly because Miley and Heidi both claim to be Christians yet they think gay marriage is "ok"...ugh...) and basically told them they were all wrong to put it buntly. You CANNOT say you are a Christian and supposrt gay marriage. It's just pretty much impossible. Love gays yes, as God calls us to love them. Support them, no. It's like loving Muslims, Buddists, and other religions. Love them because we are to love them as God loves them. Support them? Ah, no. I don't think so. So then I decided to play fire with fire. They want to talk about gay marriage? I want to talk about abortion. So basically I have asked Perez, Oprah (I already know her answer but I just wanna get a response), Jewel, Emmy Rossum (who the heck is she?!), Nicole Richie, Jewel...and someone else I think...I dunno... about what they think about abortion. far no reply. But I will wait!!!! However long it takes...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Polyvore keeps freaking out!!!

Agh, getting so ANNOYING!!!! It keeps messing up with the items, taking away words, and a bunch of weird stuff. Very frustrating to use...

Watching Ever After with my brother right now, while eating cupcakes, and looking at the Wal-Mart dog is being so annoying!!! Barking at disruptive to me trying to THINK!!!!

Well toodles dears!!!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

I am going tooo.....


Oh...I suppose I need to explain first WHY...ok. So Friday night, I went out with Eric. It was kinda spur of the moment, last minute thing but I was totally ok with it (anything to get out of the house). We stayed out WAY later than usual or we're allowed to (teehee) so when I got home I expected my parents to be angry...they were anything BUT. Appreantly they WANTED us to stay out that they could get everything ready for me to go on a "little vacation" (as they called it) They said "We've arranged for you to go to Australia!!!" I screamed (literally dears...woke up bro and sis...oops...) I am SUPER exicted because #1, it is still pretty warm out there (Taylor Swift sundresses here I come!!!!) and #2 I have family there that I haven't seen in a LLOOOONNNGGG time!!! And to top it off Jen (my bestie) gets to come with me!!!! Couldn't get more perfect....

I'm not leaving till NEXT Monday, but once I'll leave I'll be pretty MIA for about...a month or two...but I will definitly be on Twitter and will try and post as often as possible.

Well, I gotta go and pick up my assignments for the next two months at school (:D) Peace out trout... <3

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy Day...

Today was a very rainy day here...lotsa rain and lightning...and thunder...anyways, also another depressing day (sighs) I don't know why I am depressed I just am...stupid I know...but I do have a date tonight with Eric so I am looking forward to that! :) We haven't had a date in like FOREVER!!!! So looking forward to that...

That's about it for me...hope everyone has a good weekend!!!!! Peace out trout!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Singing Vids...

Ok so I am STILL working on those. Right now cleaning my normally-clean-but-now-messy-because-I-am-reagranning-things-room. Then I hope to finish up those vids and post them to Youtube and me Myspace. My lovelies Eric, Matt, and Jen all FINALLY got Myspaces yday, so I have been quite busy on there, uploading pics and such nonsense. THEN when I'm finished with THAT I am going to paint with my lil' sis. I will def put up a pic of that when it is finished. It shall be a masterpiece ;) Gotta go!

Laterz gatorz

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Bunny brought me...

Lotsa candy! Lol :D Seriously I got TONS of candy and there is a delicious cake sitting there calling my name. So I will not be going hungry for a while :D

I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with my friends. We basically just rode our bikes around all day, it was a ton of fun. I bought Rascal Flatts new CD and it is AWESOMENESS!!! You HAVE TO HAVE TO go and get it. I also bought Keith Urban's new CD (also awesomness) and a couple other ones. It was alot of fun, although I got my nose sunburned (not so fun...) Eric got sunburned also but it's because he FORGOT to put on sunscreen, I just never reapplyed it later in the day.

So how was everyone elses Easter?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Me singing...

So I was videotaping me singing Taylor Swift songs...and then the batteries on my camera died. Sucks, I know. So I will have to wait for those to finish charging before I can try again. Trust me it isn't easy. I'm trying to sing along to the Karoke version, so I thought it would be a good idea if I listened to it on my MP3, while singing it to keep with the beat, but so far all I've done is either started to fast or to slow. Ugh, frustrating.

I am now...blond (sobs)

So last night I spilled some bleach on my hair. And it bleached it, in a bunch of spots. So my mom was like "You know what we have to do Avrill. You're gonna have to be a blond." I cried all last night just thinking about it. So today we went to the salon and I got it dyed blond. Yes, I am now blond. (sob sob) It doesn't look bad I'm sure it just looks....WEIRD! So not me. I showed up to school today (I'm in study hall now) and Eric screamed, he was so freaked out. I've been getting stares all day. I'll post a pic soon, as I feel better about it. Right now let me have my little pity party (sob sob SOB).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food combos...

So lately I've been trying out different food combos to see if they work or not. It's been very interesting. Here are some of the combos:

Peanut butter and chocolate milk (blah)
Chocolate milk and Saltines (yummy!)
Peanut butter and Strawberry Jello (eh, ok)
Graham Crackers and Chocolate Frosting (YUMMY!!!)
Chocolate ice-cream and fries (Yummy)
Milkshake and fries (also very yummy)

So far that's all I got. Call it disgusting but most of those are enjoyable. :)

So far I'm working on some videos to post on YouTube, so there's something to look forward to! I'm going to try and start using Windows Movie Maker, because song choices are very limited on One True Media, unless you have them on an Mp3 setting which I don't, most of mine are WAV. Anyways, bout it for me!

Peace out trout. <3


Monday, April 6, 2009

The ACM Awards

So I watched the ACM Awards last night and they were AWESOME! I was totally blown away by the "magic trick" that Taylor Swift did with David Copperfield, it was wickedly sweet. I also LOVED the Opening Medley she did with Brook & Dunn, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood, and Rascal Flatts. It was a total perfect opener. And her You're Not Sorry performance was excellent too. I was INCREDIBLY happy that she won the award for Album of the Year, she totally deserved it. Everyone's performance was smashing, except I didn't care to much for Miley Cyrus' The Climb performance, but I'm biased because I don't like her.

But anyways, congratulations to ALL of the winners there, they all totally deserved the awards.

I will now leave for Wal-Mart to buy some chocolate ice-cream. Peace out trout!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eric thinks my eyes are pretty!!!! :)

So my brother's prank went off smashing. Everyone LOVED his new do and thinks he should keep it like that, lol. :)

I feel loved. Eric (my boyfriend) was like "Your eyes are pretty". Made me feel loved. :)

Other than that not much going on. Expecting a call from my cousin either today or tomorrow, and then calling Jen tomorrow for some chatting.

Peace out trout! <3

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Ever-Changing "Song" and April Fool's!

So I keep going through this "my song" faze (doesn't everybody?) and right now my "song" is Here by Rascal Flatts and probably will be for a while, at least the rest of today. Yesterday it was The Best Days of Your Life by Kellie Pickler, tomorrow it will probably be Yours To Hold by Skillet because I just added that song to my playlist but haven't really listened to it because I'm listening to Here. So I will probably get hooked on that one tomorrow. :) I know, I'm quite changing when it comes to "My Song" hahaha! Right now my MySpace Profile Playlist has just one song... and all my other favorites are in a different one...heheheha I'll probably feel different tomorrow and my Profile Playlist will be full....just who I am! :D

For some reasons alot of websites have this thing about copying and pasting metrolyrics, CMT lyrics, and a couple other sites. Too weird...I wonder why?

Gmail TRIED to do a April Fool's Trick with this "Autopilot" thing but I can see right through it and KNOW it is a April Fool's Trick. Sorry Google, but I come prepared. I know you like to do April Fool's Jokes and I was on the look-out. I'm suprised you made it so easy though...ho hum, we're not all perfect now are we?

Speaking of April Fool's my brother, who is normally a quite reserved kinda guy, is going to do a prank on our youth group tonight. He's going to come in as a rocker!!! He's hair is going to be in a spiked mohawk, graphic tee, ripped jeans, the works. It's going to be SO FUNNY!!!! I'm kinda suprised he is actually going to do it but he wants to do. It's gonna be GREAT!!! :D

Now so far nobody has played a prank on me...we'll have to wait and see for tonight though. Makes me a little nervous, lol. :D

Peace out me trout! <3

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ugh, I am SO SO SO tired because some baseball-sized hail decided to hit my house whilest I was sleeping, thus waking me up and forcing me to go downstairs to hide in the bathroom lest it turn into a tornado or worst... so now I'm SUPER tired and cranky because I didn't get enough sleep...a total joy...

Peace out trout!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not much to say...

Really not much going on. Feeling rather bored today. Message me or comment or email me. Please. Talk to me about anything. I'm fun. Promise!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Forgiveness is such a wonderful feeling...

Yes, I called Matt and he was like "Oh that...I forgave you..." Such a nice feeling forgiveness. :)

And I have decided that hugs are simply the best. They make you feel secure, warm, loved, and wanted. The person wraps their arms around you, surronding you with love. those hugs.

So I've just been looking around on YouTube and I found videos from CMT Crossroads with Taylor Swift and Def Leppard and the most amazing ones definitly were "Pour Some Sugar On Me'' and "When Love And Hate Collide". Love the beat and sound! Very rocker... :)

Bout it from me!!!! lovelovelove-Avvy <3

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I slapped Matt in the eye...oops...

So last night at our youth group Matt and I kinda had an escapade (like always...WHY can't we just get along!!!!) because he was being annoying to Jen and her friend, Lexi. So I grabbed him in this hug sorta thing and was like "Matt let's go over here" and he turned grabbed my wrists. I do not take kindly to people doing that so naturally I tried to grab him back and get him off. Then grappled me and flung me at a table. I was ticked. REALLY TICKED! So I was GOING to slap him in the shoulder but instead I got his eye...oops...yeah...and then I tried to apologize but then he just tried to fight again....yeah...SO the moral of this story is control your actions dears or your going to end up hurting, I gotta go and call him to say sorry...yeah...

So I'm going to go do that. He's in school so I'll just leave a message...

Peace out trout! (Back at you Mere!!!! :D)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SLAT Finale

Ok, so I just finished The Secret Life of the American Teenager Finale. And it was AMAZING!!!!!! I loved it SO MUCH!!!! Amy and Ben FOREVER!!! And ever and ever and ever.... The ending was definitly the best! There was one speed bump though. During Part 3 (since online they divide it into parts) they were playing this ridiculous song that SCREAMED Disney. But otherwise I completely enjoyed it! I can't wait for Season 2 (yes people that was still part of Season 1!!!!). Bout it for me!



I'm reading an AWESOME book by Frank E. Peritti called Piercing the Darkness. It's a mystery/thriller/Christian book and it is probably the most AMAZING book I have EVER read. You all gotta read it.

I've been reading it since 9 this morning without stopping so naturally I am quite hungry now. So going to have lunch. Peace out trout!

Monday, March 23, 2009

We kiss and made up...

So yeah, I talked to Eric today and we had a really nice and long talk and basically I made myself look like an idiot at school by bursting into tears but to put it bluntly we kissed and made up and all is well again.

I added a little Polyvore gadget thingy at the bottom of my blog so you can check me out!!!

Going furniture shopping with Eric, Matt, and Jen. Lotsa fun! Peace out girl scouts!!!

Taylor Swift ROCKED!!!!!!

Back from Houston! Had a TON of fun there and got a gorgeous tan. We saw Taylor Swift at the rodeo and she was AMAZING!!! I got some REALLY good pictures. Now if I could just upload them...Here's a picture I didn't take but was tooken of her at the rodeo (I doubt tooken is a word...oh well, I'll just make it one!)

Matt and Jen are back from Mexico and had a blast! Still haven't talked to Eric. I seriously considered calling him Friday but bro went to Oklehoma and had to take my I didn't... I's just been all weird lately. I'll see him at school so maybe we'll talk then...

Anyways, back to school I go! lovelovelove-Avvy <3

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Houston, we have a problem... ;)

Joking. There is no problem whatsoever. Just using the line because I am in Houston. :D And it is GORGEOUS here! We're staying with my wonderful cousins and enjoying ourselves alot. We literally just stay at the pool like the ENTIRE time. Today we're going out shopping and then going to see the lovely Taylor Swift at the rodeo!!!! I am SUPER exicted 1.) Come on it's Taylor Swift! 2.) I haven't been to a rodeo in FOREVER and I LOVE them and 3.) They are TONS of FUN!!!! So I am happy about that...umm...that's about it for me. I don't think I've mentioned but I have a Myspace, the link is in one of my Twitter posts, it says friend me, so check that out, mucho gracias! Gotta go!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why Can't You See You Belong With Me...

I don't know how to make my point anymore clear! I've always been there for you, ALWAYS! Even when others doubted you and lied to you I never did. I've always stood by your side, my love for you never failing. How could you not see that?! How could you not get it?! I love you. Always and forever, forever and always. I'll never stop no matter what you do.

A wave of naseua and dizziness just hit me. I feel so sick...and forgotten. Left behind and never seen. Invisible. Torn. Betrayed. Led on. Used. Bruised. Broken. Hurt. Crushed. Smashed. All of that together. Times 1,000.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Spring Break!!!!

I just realized it is spring break!!!! I've been so depressed that I haven't even bothered to notice (I should have gotten the hint by me not being in school...) And it is REALLY hot out, so swimming will be in order today.

I know you're all like "YES she is FINALLY happy!!!" SORRY!!!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New line! And more depressing thoughts...

I just thought of a PERFECT line for a book I'm writing in the near/far future. "What's she got that I don't got? Oh yeah, him..." Yeah...

I know I know, you all hate me for being SO DEPRESSING but I can't seem to help it. This month is TOTALLY not my month. Just heartbreak and hurt and BOYFRIEND TROUBLE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So anyways let's end on a happy note. I...forget it....let's just end this post right now. Chao!

Oh yeah, Happy St. Patricks Day...

Monday, March 16, 2009


Sorry for that last depressing post. I'm just a mess right now. It's just all AH!!!!!! Just really boy trouble...yeah...always sucks....

Anyways I will hopefully have something better to post tomorrow!


Feeling Depressed...

Feeling very depressed/sad/blah/ah...trying to cry in my room while listening to sad music...but the tears just can't seem to come! I want them to come! I can't keep feeling this way, on the verge of tears but never actually being able to cry...GOD JUST LET ME CRY!!!!!!!!!!! Please...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Current Mood: Rocker Chic/Cleaning Lady

That's what I posted on my YouTube...

Quick post here! Have to go and clean up the house (cause it's Friday and I don't wanna clean on the weekend!) Sleep-over at Jen's tomorrow! Listening to Behind These Hazel Eyes and cleaning all over the house. And dancing while cleaning. Probably freaking out bro and sis....hmm...

peace my dears!

lovelovelove-Avrill <3

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston BROKE UP????!!!!!! WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They...they....they...BROKE UP?!!!! I don't know what to think...just.....WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!! That is the LAST thing I EVER would have expected...w-o-w!


I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!!! I keep sleeping late and that DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

Anyways, watching Dog Whisper, first episode. Very dramatic. Vicious little rat of a dog. Keeps growling and growling and growling in this high-pitched whiny tone...kinda funny!!!! Hahaha!

Alright I'm just mindlessly rambling now. Peace out trout!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blech, blah, and AH!!!!

Feeling somewhat depressed today. It's been exactly two months since Gwen killed herself. Ugh...looked in at my phone and realized I still have her phone number in there. So I deleated. She's never gonna call me ever again. I took her out of my email contacts. I know I know I'm being depressing...blah. I think in my story I'm doing for Polyvore, I'm going to do three more chapters from Janurary and then do one from this month and then it will be finally done.

On a happier note I saw Beverly Hills Chicucha (no clue how to spell that...hopefully got it right!) for the first time last night. It's HILARIOUS!!!! love love LOVE IT!!!!

Alright gotta go. Peace lovelies.


YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!! It is FINALLY RAINING HERE!!!! So so so so so so so so SO incredibly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super duper luper exicted about THAT!

Sorry I wasn't on yesterday. Laptop was dead and there was no cord around to plug it in.

Saw Shawn Johnson on Dancing With The Stars. She did actually VERY well I thought. She is WAY SHORT though. She looks REALLY short when she's in a ball gown. I hope she goes and WINS ALL!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Alright well I need to work-out (I'm dying for at least a SMALL TINSY WEENSY pack of abs!!!) Chao my lovelies!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Back from an amazing event...

I got back Saturday night WAY LATE from one of the most amazing events be greeted by daylight savings...not fun. At ALL! Totally sucks.

But it really was awesome. I took pictures and I'll try and post them. If I ever can get around to it....

Bout it for me! lovelovelove-Avrill

Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm packing right now (or rather should be packing...) because I am heading to Dallas for BattleCry, and AWESOME event. This is my first time going and I am INCREDIBLY hyped up and exicted about it. Listening to Unhindered's "Father Won't You Come'' an incredibly awesome song. So since I will be gone I will NOT be on my YouTube, Polyvore, or Blogger until Monday. I will try and get on my twitter to update on what I'm doing but that is about it...

Alright well, I really need to pack now.

lovelovelove! Avy <3

Thursday, March 5, 2009

AMAZING video!!!

Check out this AWESOMELY AMAZING video!!! GymChicksRock (aka Anna) made this for me. It is better than I could have ever imagined. Definitly check her out, she is an AWESOME montage maker! :)

Back from the dentist....

And as soon as I got back I ate an entire box of Girl Scout cookies....naughty me I know!!! :)

Watching a movie called "The Princess Stallion" with my sister and brother. Very 90s. Pretty predicatable. And I said total 90s film.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This is totally making me laugh!

They keep playing this at the commercial input's for the Hills. I am totally cracking up! I love the part were he's like "Yay Phil..." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Bro and sis are fighting...ouchy...

Watching some more of the Hills. I watched Episode 20 of Secret Life of the American Teenager (why such a long title? I'll keep it down to Secret Life...). It was AWESOME!

That's about it for me...going to go make some food...not sure what kinda food, but food.


Monday, March 2, 2009

The Hills are alive!!!!

So I've never been interested in The Hills before. Just another lame show to me....and then I saw the Season 5 preview....yeah...let's just say I'm hooked now! What with this leg, I'm bedridden for a while...hello laptop and cookies! I'm watching me some reruns!

An update...

So.....let me kinda update you on what has been happening to me since I was last seen. I've quit gym and swimming. Now let me explain before y'all get up in arms over me! First, why I quit gym.

As some of you know, I recently recovered from an injury. I rebounded back and everything was fine! Competition was going well, and I was working hard. And then....I got injured again. But it wasn't my fault this time! I think I posted about a certain jerky couple and their daughter, who has just joined as I was coming back. They weren't to happy that HC (head coach) was focusing all his attention on me. So, competition comes around and I'm kicking butt. They definitly aren't putting me in their Fave 5. So I had just finished vault and was on my way to bars. As I was heading on my way to the chalk bucket and a certain father volunteers to chalk up the bars for me, as my coach is unavaliable. To put it delicatly, he DIDN'T chalk up the bars. Nopers. Instead he put some slippery substance on it. Now you would think with the chalk on my hands it would be ok. Nopers again. I started and everything was going quite well. And then I slipped from the top bar while in the middle of a flip...and fell. Hard. I severly broke my leg. In the same place as before. Ouch. Very ouch in fact. So ouch, that the doctor told me that I better hang up my grips (the doctor always had a dry sense of humor...) permantly. The damage would repair and I'll be able to use my leg again, but my gym days are over.

And then I quit swimming because I wasn't REALLY swimming on the team and it was kinda a waste of money. So now I swim, just no longer on a team.

And then I broke up with Johnathon. Appreantly I wasn't the only girl in his life. Ouch...

And then I had a friend commit sucide. Ouchers some more.

BUT, everything hasn't been doom and gloom! First off, I got a NEW boyfriend, Eric, who is WONDERFUL! He REALLY REALLY is. I got a new phone! The Samsung Gravity. The awesomes of awesomeness! I've gotten REALLY into music, and am now going to high-school. No more homeschooling for me! Gotten settled into church, and my leg is doing well. So basically that is what I've been doing while I've been MIA.

Gotta make lunch!


Hey guys!

Hey everyone! Sorry for seeming like I had fallen off the face of the earth!!!! Somebody had came in deleated my blogs, changed my YouTube password, and my ChalkBucket password! I know INCREDIBLY sucks don't it? So finally I decided to start fresh with a new blog. So here it is! I also have a twitter Avrill15 if anyone has a Twitter. I ALSO have a Polyvore account here AvrillLovesYou. That's about it for now!