Monday, March 2, 2009

An update...

So.....let me kinda update you on what has been happening to me since I was last seen. I've quit gym and swimming. Now let me explain before y'all get up in arms over me! First, why I quit gym.

As some of you know, I recently recovered from an injury. I rebounded back and everything was fine! Competition was going well, and I was working hard. And then....I got injured again. But it wasn't my fault this time! I think I posted about a certain jerky couple and their daughter, who has just joined as I was coming back. They weren't to happy that HC (head coach) was focusing all his attention on me. So, competition comes around and I'm kicking butt. They definitly aren't putting me in their Fave 5. So I had just finished vault and was on my way to bars. As I was heading on my way to the chalk bucket and a certain father volunteers to chalk up the bars for me, as my coach is unavaliable. To put it delicatly, he DIDN'T chalk up the bars. Nopers. Instead he put some slippery substance on it. Now you would think with the chalk on my hands it would be ok. Nopers again. I started and everything was going quite well. And then I slipped from the top bar while in the middle of a flip...and fell. Hard. I severly broke my leg. In the same place as before. Ouch. Very ouch in fact. So ouch, that the doctor told me that I better hang up my grips (the doctor always had a dry sense of humor...) permantly. The damage would repair and I'll be able to use my leg again, but my gym days are over.

And then I quit swimming because I wasn't REALLY swimming on the team and it was kinda a waste of money. So now I swim, just no longer on a team.

And then I broke up with Johnathon. Appreantly I wasn't the only girl in his life. Ouch...

And then I had a friend commit sucide. Ouchers some more.

BUT, everything hasn't been doom and gloom! First off, I got a NEW boyfriend, Eric, who is WONDERFUL! He REALLY REALLY is. I got a new phone! The Samsung Gravity. The awesomes of awesomeness! I've gotten REALLY into music, and am now going to high-school. No more homeschooling for me! Gotten settled into church, and my leg is doing well. So basically that is what I've been doing while I've been MIA.

Gotta make lunch!


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