Monday, April 20, 2009

I am going tooo.....


Oh...I suppose I need to explain first WHY...ok. So Friday night, I went out with Eric. It was kinda spur of the moment, last minute thing but I was totally ok with it (anything to get out of the house). We stayed out WAY later than usual or we're allowed to (teehee) so when I got home I expected my parents to be angry...they were anything BUT. Appreantly they WANTED us to stay out that they could get everything ready for me to go on a "little vacation" (as they called it) They said "We've arranged for you to go to Australia!!!" I screamed (literally dears...woke up bro and sis...oops...) I am SUPER exicted because #1, it is still pretty warm out there (Taylor Swift sundresses here I come!!!!) and #2 I have family there that I haven't seen in a LLOOOONNNGGG time!!! And to top it off Jen (my bestie) gets to come with me!!!! Couldn't get more perfect....

I'm not leaving till NEXT Monday, but once I'll leave I'll be pretty MIA for about...a month or two...but I will definitly be on Twitter and will try and post as often as possible.

Well, I gotta go and pick up my assignments for the next two months at school (:D) Peace out trout... <3

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  1. wow you get outta school for two months? that's geat...haha.

    how old are you btw? i've always wanted to go to austrailia. HAVE FUNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

    and i've got three of the taylor dresses, i've only worn one....grrr. i want summer!