Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 Visa Championships

I caught the whole thing on Thursday night and I have to say it was quite interesting. First was vault, not much anything amazing or spectacular. Kayla Williams looked fantastic though. Totally stuck it. I am very impressed with this girl. I expect her to go very far in this sports, she looked amazing on all of her routines, very solid, very good.

I have to say alot of the new talent did impress me. I'm not to big on Rebecca Bross. She needs a little more originality to her. Not blaming the fact that she happens to attend WOGA, but this whole "Maybe she'll be the future all-around champ, third one for WOGA" is a bit much for me. Come on. Let's let the girls do gymnastics, not try and create a franchise out of all of this. It just makes it all cheezy and publicity.

I loveloveloveloveloved Bridget. Absoutely fantastic routines. She may not have stuck everything, but still very fantastic.

Ivana was ok. Did not like her beam at all. Way to much like Nastia's. Again, I'm all about originality. Nastia is Nastia. She is fantastic and that beam routine works for her. Not for Ivana.

Nastia looked ok also. Very shaky on her beam, but still very nice. I do not like all this hype about her though. This "She is the BEST GYMNAST ON THE ENTIRE PLANET!!!'' No. No. No. NO. She is an incredibly excellent gymnast, who won THAT DAY. That's all that matters. There is no such thing as being the best in the world. It all depends on different situations and what happens THAT DAY. She is not "the queen of beam". She is excellent on beam and I love her to death, but she is not the queen of anything. Nobody is. There is no such thing.

But I do know one thing. After 2012, I predict Nastia is going to be coaching along side her dad. Seriously, she is already doing it! She's got the attitude, everything. And I think she would be a wonderful coach.

I L-O-V-E-D Sam's beam routine. Could not get more solid and good than that girl did. Overall, she was also ok, but I think if she tweaks some things she'll be wonderful.

Do not expect Jana to stay in the sport much longer. Very meediocre, no zip or spark. Didn't look all that happy either. Nah, she's not gonna last.

That's it from me! Peace out trout!

lovelovelove-Avrill <3

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