Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Scandals and the Lies...

Start out depressed everything comes as a pleasant suprise

Just messing around online right now...writing odds and ends stories/songs, updating pics/themes, listening to music, buying new music off iTunes....just random stuff.

Katie and I stayed up WAY late last night, just talking about anything and everything. And...I found out she knows were my sister is!!!! She has her phone number and talks to her regularly. And I just found out it seems EVERYONE knew were she was accept for me! I have no clue why they wouldn't tell me. She is my big sister. My idol. She left when I was 10...I haven't spoken to her for 6 years. A long time I know...I'm kinda scared to call her though. I mean come on I haven't spoken to her for 6 years! I think I'm going to wait to get back to Australia though. It's still all new and fresh.

Anyways, I gotta go. Katie and I are going to run errands and have lunch and stuff.


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