Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Bunny brought me...

Lotsa candy! Lol :D Seriously I got TONS of candy and there is a delicious cake sitting there calling my name. So I will not be going hungry for a while :D

I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with my friends. We basically just rode our bikes around all day, it was a ton of fun. I bought Rascal Flatts new CD and it is AWESOMENESS!!! You HAVE TO HAVE TO go and get it. I also bought Keith Urban's new CD (also awesomness) and a couple other ones. It was alot of fun, although I got my nose sunburned (not so fun...) Eric got sunburned also but it's because he FORGOT to put on sunscreen, I just never reapplyed it later in the day.

So how was everyone elses Easter?

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