Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer's coming...HELL YEAH!

Sooooo.... 3 weeks of school left. JUST 3 WEEKS BABY! I'm so happy...haven't blogged in a while. Stuff has happened but I'm to lazy to type it all out :P Let's just say this summer is going to be a good one, haha. Ah, well, so what's been going on in your guyssss (is that how you spell it? Probably not...oh well...) lives?

Lovelovelove-Avrill <3

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Apolo Ohno...is a cutie ;)

So today is the last day of the Olympics :(((( A sad time for all but it has been an amazing Olympics!!!! Apolo Ohno now has 8 medals...the most a Winter Olympian ever had. Lindsey Vonn got her gold in downhill. Bode Miller got gold in Super-Combined. USA got their gold in 4-man bobsled. Hannah Kearny got gold in moguls. Evan Lyschek got gold in figure skating. Charlie White and Meryl Davis got silver in ice dancing. The Women's hockey team got silver. Bill Demong got gold in the Nordic-Combined. Shaun White got gold in men's halfpipe. Seth Wescott got gold in the men's snowboard cross. Shani Davis got gold in the 1000 m. J.R. Celski got bronze in the short track 1500 m. So far we have 36. Soon to be 37. The men's hockey team is competing agasint Canada for the gold-medal. They'll get either gold or silver. The US will have then the most medals they have ever gotten in an Olympic games. It has been so exicting to see all the performances. And not only the US's. There have been stellar performances from the other countries as well. Alexandre Bilodeau got Canada's first gold medal on homesoil. And he did it for Frederic. Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue got gold for Canada in ice dancing. I have never seen such a beautiful performance. Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao finally got their gold in Pair's skating. In real life they're a married couple. And forever in our thoughts, the tragedy of luge racer Nodar Kumaritashvili, death. In spite of this Georgia marched in the opening cermony, remembering their athlete, with black bands around their arms. It gets me excited and wants me to be the best I can possibly be in anything. The Olympics may end today, but their memory will always follow. I already can't wait for the next Olympics. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Plastic Surgery? Really?

Ok so I'm going to add onto the pile of comments of Heidi Montag's controversial 10 plastic surgries. I can sum up my thoughts and the thoughts of millions in one word: Ridiculous. Plain and simple. Ridiculous. One more comment though...I think it's cool though that Spencer's favorite part of Heidi isn't her balloon boobs, her " flat ears'', big forehead, or new chin (how can you have plastic surgery on your CHIN!)...it's her hair. To me, that's something real in all of Heidi's plastic fakeness. Her hair.

Ok enough from me peeps. Back to the important stuff. The Olympics. I love you all. :)

lovelovelove-Avrill <3

Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy Dizzy Frizzy! (In the best sense)

Gah, so so so so SOOOO busy w/ school right now. 1/2 of the year is done (yeep!) so they're getting us all revved up and ready for end-of-year exams/finals/whatever they call it in your hometown. So yeah, been super busy so apologizesss for not blogging in a while. So far not much happening in my life but I will def try and post more often! G2g now loves (like that techy talk lol ;)) so peace out trout!

lovelovelovelove-avrill <3