Tuesday, May 19, 2009

There are men on the roof...

of the neighbor's house fixing the roof and whenever they pound their hammers it sounds like fireworks totally freaking me out...gah, there they go again!!!!

Only about 12 more days here in Aussie. I'm gonna miss it so much. But it'll be back to the USA for meesy. Matt's grandma passed away last night so he is not going to be flying back out, he'll stay there until we come back. He's called dibs on picking us up from the airport, silly boy.

Oh yeah, I did kill that person who hacked into my stuff...ok, not LITERALLY kill, I did call him and scream at him. Who was it? It was this boy who has this MAJOR crush on me that I've known for a while here in Australia. But of course when he found out that I was dating Eric he got INSANELY jealous and proceeded to hack into my stuff to try and break us apart. Nice try Casanova (not his real name of course...although he would deserve a name that ugly...) but it ain't gonna work.

Anywho I just want to send my congrats to Ally, who is getting married tomorrow...well today here...but tomorrow in the US. I am SO thrilled for her and Ethan and wish them the best of everything :)

Chao y'all

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