Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Zoo

The zoo was a blast! Koalas are incredibly adorable! Very clingy though, lol :) Matt didn't appreciate too much when one decided his hair looked like something to grab onto. He had quite a time prying it off his head. I have a hilarious picture of it and will post soon.

But kangaroos definitly have to be my favorite. If you want to be able to interact with these gorgeous animals, definitly go to Australia. Although, be warned, they are a tad bit greedy, lol. But they are completely adorable and funny.

I cannot believe how late I'm actually going to bed here! And I'm never tired the next morning! Granted I could go to bed earlier but I choose to go to bed a little later so that I can post and update you guys, since I never have time during the day.

Anyways, going to turn in soon. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! <3

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Night!

I find this SO FUNNY! I'll be saying Good Night to my family in Texas and they'll be like Good morning! Lol, hilarious. That's why I don't really post during the day because y'all are sleeping then. But I'm having a great time here, taking awesome pictures, and just having a blast. Even with school :)

Well night loves!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good morning!

It is 6:30 am, April 29th here right now and Matt and I are the only ones awake. So I uploaded some pics on Twitpic but for some reason can't post them on here, so please check them out off the links on my Twitter. I think I hear Eric waking up so going to go now, loves!

Time Difference

The time difference here in Australia is totally WACKING ME OUT!!! Sorta...right now it is 10:13 pm. In Texas it is 7:45 am. Pretty off right now. So normally I would have just woken up. Here, I have finished dinner and am hanging out by the pool . Ahhhh...this is the life! I have already taken quite alot of pics and some video too, so I will TRY and upload those sometime in the near or far future, lol. :)

Peace out trout! <3

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Landed

I just landed in Australia and was greeted by cousins, my aunt and uncle, and my grandma. Ahhhh, so good to be back here!!!! :)

Funny story. Matt, Jen, Eric, and I came out and spotted my family. Well let's say Gammi never did meet Eric other than me showing a pic of him off my phone. At the time she had said "He looks rather funny. (unfortunatly he was not wearing his glasses in that pic...and yes, he did look funny but I wasn't going to admit THAT) So we came up and my gammi was like "Who is in tarnation is THAT stranger." Eric took off his glasses to clean them and she said "Oh, it's that funny looking boy in your phone!" I was so embarrssed...then she whispered rather loudly "Good choice honey" My family.... I love them so much! :D

Going to leave now to eat!!!! lovelovelove-Avrill

Saturday, April 25, 2009

One word: AH-MAZING!!!!

I'm watching videos from Taylor Swift's first tour concert. And it is simply put, AH-MAZING!!!! It looks like the most awesome thing EVER!!! Ahhhh, I cannot wait for when she comes to Texas! Soooooo exicting!!!!!

Going to Wal-Mart to pick up a gift for a baby shower tomorrow, and a copy of Fearless for my cousin in Australia for her bday. Also realized I will be celebrating my birthday in Australia, so for that weekend my fam will fly out to celebrate with me, then fly back home. I'll be 16!!!! Ahhhh, so exicting!!!!

Love you all!!!!!! <3

Friday, April 24, 2009

Packing and bagels....

Right now eating a bagel and watching Christy, the second volume. Ah, I love the second volume more than the first. Much more dramatic. :)

We've been packing quite a bit lately. There's alot you have to pack when you're going to be gone for two months, lol. :D Ahhh, I cannot wait! So exicting. Such a bonus all my friends get to go to (all 3 of them!).

So glad it is Friday!

Well, I gotta go and toast another bagel, lol. Peace out trout! <3

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Listen up Perez...and Miley...and Heidi

So we all know about the Miss California controversy thing. Anyways, so Perez has been acting quite like a child and been trying to get support from as many people as possible. So Miley Cyrus and Heidi Montag, Britney Spears, Jewel, and countless other people have said "Oh, yes love is love blah blah blah" and a bunch of other junk. So I replied to him, Miley, and Heidi (mostly because Miley and Heidi both claim to be Christians yet they think gay marriage is "ok"...ugh...) and basically told them they were all wrong to put it buntly. You CANNOT say you are a Christian and supposrt gay marriage. It's just pretty much impossible. Love gays yes, as God calls us to love them. Support them, no. It's like loving Muslims, Buddists, and other religions. Love them because we are to love them as God loves them. Support them? Ah, no. I don't think so. So then I decided to play fire with fire. They want to talk about gay marriage? I want to talk about abortion. So basically I have asked Perez, Oprah (I already know her answer but I just wanna get a response), Jewel, Emmy Rossum (who the heck is she?!), Nicole Richie, Jewel...and someone else I think...I dunno... about what they think about abortion. far no reply. But I will wait!!!! However long it takes...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Polyvore keeps freaking out!!!

Agh, getting so ANNOYING!!!! It keeps messing up with the items, taking away words, and a bunch of weird stuff. Very frustrating to use...

Watching Ever After with my brother right now, while eating cupcakes, and looking at the Wal-Mart dog is being so annoying!!! Barking at disruptive to me trying to THINK!!!!

Well toodles dears!!!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

I am going tooo.....


Oh...I suppose I need to explain first WHY...ok. So Friday night, I went out with Eric. It was kinda spur of the moment, last minute thing but I was totally ok with it (anything to get out of the house). We stayed out WAY later than usual or we're allowed to (teehee) so when I got home I expected my parents to be angry...they were anything BUT. Appreantly they WANTED us to stay out that they could get everything ready for me to go on a "little vacation" (as they called it) They said "We've arranged for you to go to Australia!!!" I screamed (literally dears...woke up bro and sis...oops...) I am SUPER exicted because #1, it is still pretty warm out there (Taylor Swift sundresses here I come!!!!) and #2 I have family there that I haven't seen in a LLOOOONNNGGG time!!! And to top it off Jen (my bestie) gets to come with me!!!! Couldn't get more perfect....

I'm not leaving till NEXT Monday, but once I'll leave I'll be pretty MIA for about...a month or two...but I will definitly be on Twitter and will try and post as often as possible.

Well, I gotta go and pick up my assignments for the next two months at school (:D) Peace out trout... <3

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy Day...

Today was a very rainy day here...lotsa rain and lightning...and thunder...anyways, also another depressing day (sighs) I don't know why I am depressed I just am...stupid I know...but I do have a date tonight with Eric so I am looking forward to that! :) We haven't had a date in like FOREVER!!!! So looking forward to that...

That's about it for me...hope everyone has a good weekend!!!!! Peace out trout!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Singing Vids...

Ok so I am STILL working on those. Right now cleaning my normally-clean-but-now-messy-because-I-am-reagranning-things-room. Then I hope to finish up those vids and post them to Youtube and me Myspace. My lovelies Eric, Matt, and Jen all FINALLY got Myspaces yday, so I have been quite busy on there, uploading pics and such nonsense. THEN when I'm finished with THAT I am going to paint with my lil' sis. I will def put up a pic of that when it is finished. It shall be a masterpiece ;) Gotta go!

Laterz gatorz

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Bunny brought me...

Lotsa candy! Lol :D Seriously I got TONS of candy and there is a delicious cake sitting there calling my name. So I will not be going hungry for a while :D

I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with my friends. We basically just rode our bikes around all day, it was a ton of fun. I bought Rascal Flatts new CD and it is AWESOMENESS!!! You HAVE TO HAVE TO go and get it. I also bought Keith Urban's new CD (also awesomness) and a couple other ones. It was alot of fun, although I got my nose sunburned (not so fun...) Eric got sunburned also but it's because he FORGOT to put on sunscreen, I just never reapplyed it later in the day.

So how was everyone elses Easter?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Me singing...

So I was videotaping me singing Taylor Swift songs...and then the batteries on my camera died. Sucks, I know. So I will have to wait for those to finish charging before I can try again. Trust me it isn't easy. I'm trying to sing along to the Karoke version, so I thought it would be a good idea if I listened to it on my MP3, while singing it to keep with the beat, but so far all I've done is either started to fast or to slow. Ugh, frustrating.

I am now...blond (sobs)

So last night I spilled some bleach on my hair. And it bleached it, in a bunch of spots. So my mom was like "You know what we have to do Avrill. You're gonna have to be a blond." I cried all last night just thinking about it. So today we went to the salon and I got it dyed blond. Yes, I am now blond. (sob sob) It doesn't look bad I'm sure it just looks....WEIRD! So not me. I showed up to school today (I'm in study hall now) and Eric screamed, he was so freaked out. I've been getting stares all day. I'll post a pic soon, as I feel better about it. Right now let me have my little pity party (sob sob SOB).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food combos...

So lately I've been trying out different food combos to see if they work or not. It's been very interesting. Here are some of the combos:

Peanut butter and chocolate milk (blah)
Chocolate milk and Saltines (yummy!)
Peanut butter and Strawberry Jello (eh, ok)
Graham Crackers and Chocolate Frosting (YUMMY!!!)
Chocolate ice-cream and fries (Yummy)
Milkshake and fries (also very yummy)

So far that's all I got. Call it disgusting but most of those are enjoyable. :)

So far I'm working on some videos to post on YouTube, so there's something to look forward to! I'm going to try and start using Windows Movie Maker, because song choices are very limited on One True Media, unless you have them on an Mp3 setting which I don't, most of mine are WAV. Anyways, bout it for me!

Peace out trout. <3


Monday, April 6, 2009

The ACM Awards

So I watched the ACM Awards last night and they were AWESOME! I was totally blown away by the "magic trick" that Taylor Swift did with David Copperfield, it was wickedly sweet. I also LOVED the Opening Medley she did with Brook & Dunn, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood, and Rascal Flatts. It was a total perfect opener. And her You're Not Sorry performance was excellent too. I was INCREDIBLY happy that she won the award for Album of the Year, she totally deserved it. Everyone's performance was smashing, except I didn't care to much for Miley Cyrus' The Climb performance, but I'm biased because I don't like her.

But anyways, congratulations to ALL of the winners there, they all totally deserved the awards.

I will now leave for Wal-Mart to buy some chocolate ice-cream. Peace out trout!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eric thinks my eyes are pretty!!!! :)

So my brother's prank went off smashing. Everyone LOVED his new do and thinks he should keep it like that, lol. :)

I feel loved. Eric (my boyfriend) was like "Your eyes are pretty". Made me feel loved. :)

Other than that not much going on. Expecting a call from my cousin either today or tomorrow, and then calling Jen tomorrow for some chatting.

Peace out trout! <3

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Ever-Changing "Song" and April Fool's!

So I keep going through this "my song" faze (doesn't everybody?) and right now my "song" is Here by Rascal Flatts and probably will be for a while, at least the rest of today. Yesterday it was The Best Days of Your Life by Kellie Pickler, tomorrow it will probably be Yours To Hold by Skillet because I just added that song to my playlist but haven't really listened to it because I'm listening to Here. So I will probably get hooked on that one tomorrow. :) I know, I'm quite changing when it comes to "My Song" hahaha! Right now my MySpace Profile Playlist has just one song... and all my other favorites are in a different one...heheheha I'll probably feel different tomorrow and my Profile Playlist will be full....just who I am! :D

For some reasons alot of websites have this thing about copying and pasting metrolyrics, CMT lyrics, and a couple other sites. Too weird...I wonder why?

Gmail TRIED to do a April Fool's Trick with this "Autopilot" thing but I can see right through it and KNOW it is a April Fool's Trick. Sorry Google, but I come prepared. I know you like to do April Fool's Jokes and I was on the look-out. I'm suprised you made it so easy though...ho hum, we're not all perfect now are we?

Speaking of April Fool's my brother, who is normally a quite reserved kinda guy, is going to do a prank on our youth group tonight. He's going to come in as a rocker!!! He's hair is going to be in a spiked mohawk, graphic tee, ripped jeans, the works. It's going to be SO FUNNY!!!! I'm kinda suprised he is actually going to do it but he wants to do. It's gonna be GREAT!!! :D

Now so far nobody has played a prank on me...we'll have to wait and see for tonight though. Makes me a little nervous, lol. :D

Peace out me trout! <3