Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blech, blah, and AH!!!!

Feeling somewhat depressed today. It's been exactly two months since Gwen killed herself. Ugh...looked in at my phone and realized I still have her phone number in there. So I deleated. She's never gonna call me ever again. I took her out of my email contacts. I know I know I'm being depressing...blah. I think in my story I'm doing for Polyvore, I'm going to do three more chapters from Janurary and then do one from this month and then it will be finally done.

On a happier note I saw Beverly Hills Chicucha (no clue how to spell that...hopefully got it right!) for the first time last night. It's HILARIOUS!!!! love love LOVE IT!!!!

Alright gotta go. Peace lovelies.

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