Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rawr! I'm a dog!!!!

That is what my little four-year old cousin, Adrian said yesterday morning. She is too cute!

But alas, she is VERY opinated. VERY. Makes it very hard to try and entertain her when she keeps having to give you her thoughts and critcisms on EVERYTHING. That's actually kinda entertaining all by itself :)

Haha, at least she listens to Eric. He has a way with four-year old lie! Haha :D Trying to take a picture of them but cannot find the camera...and of course Little Miss Opinated is "borrowing" (as she calls it) my phone. Which in her world is basically to hold it and not let go. anyways if I ever get a pic I'll post it :)

Not much going on here. Enjoying the last days we get here. Can't believe we will be leaving so soon!'s been...a month? A month and 1/2 maybe? Anyways it feels so much shorter.

Ahaha! Found the camera! Alright then, going to go me loves! Peace out trout <3

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