Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Ever-Changing "Song" and April Fool's!

So I keep going through this "my song" faze (doesn't everybody?) and right now my "song" is Here by Rascal Flatts and probably will be for a while, at least the rest of today. Yesterday it was The Best Days of Your Life by Kellie Pickler, tomorrow it will probably be Yours To Hold by Skillet because I just added that song to my playlist but haven't really listened to it because I'm listening to Here. So I will probably get hooked on that one tomorrow. :) I know, I'm quite changing when it comes to "My Song" hahaha! Right now my MySpace Profile Playlist has just one song... and all my other favorites are in a different one...heheheha I'll probably feel different tomorrow and my Profile Playlist will be full....just who I am! :D

For some reasons alot of websites have this thing about copying and pasting metrolyrics, CMT lyrics, and a couple other sites. Too weird...I wonder why?

Gmail TRIED to do a April Fool's Trick with this "Autopilot" thing but I can see right through it and KNOW it is a April Fool's Trick. Sorry Google, but I come prepared. I know you like to do April Fool's Jokes and I was on the look-out. I'm suprised you made it so easy though...ho hum, we're not all perfect now are we?

Speaking of April Fool's my brother, who is normally a quite reserved kinda guy, is going to do a prank on our youth group tonight. He's going to come in as a rocker!!! He's hair is going to be in a spiked mohawk, graphic tee, ripped jeans, the works. It's going to be SO FUNNY!!!! I'm kinda suprised he is actually going to do it but he wants to do. It's gonna be GREAT!!! :D

Now so far nobody has played a prank on me...we'll have to wait and see for tonight though. Makes me a little nervous, lol. :D

Peace out me trout! <3

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