Monday, May 18, 2009


OMG!!!!! ACK! Somebody has hacked into all my social netoworking accounts! I mean I JUST woke up...and woah what a story to wake up to.

First off Eric is like "Avvy, baby, what is all this about you having sex with Matt?" WHAT?! ME have sex with MATT!????!!!! First off I haven't seen Matt at ALL since I got back, he had to fly back to the US Saturday because his grandma is taking a turn for the worst and they think she won't be around much longer. Second off, I would NEVER EVER EVER have sex with Matt. I'm saving that for marriage thank you and even if I wasn't I would never do it with Matt as he is like my big brother to me, and he would never want to do that either. So all of this drama that was posted is absoulete gibberish. Do not believe one thing at all.

Appreantly whoever it was (and trust me I think I know who it was) knows me and my friends because they hacked into Matt, Jen, and Eric's Myspaces and changed their statuses and stuff. So right now I'm trying to figure this out and clean it up....this is the second time....why oh why can't hackers just leave me alone! And I think (I'm 99.9% confident) who it is...and trust me they're going to get KILLED when I'm done with this....

So everything is fine here. Jen misses Matt, but we're going snorkeling today and doing other fun stuff. So again I am SO SORRY to freak everybody out with that....

Peace out trout!

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