Monday, May 11, 2009

Writer's Block...and Germany...and Prom

So I have this story up on Polyvore based on a real life event that happened to me in Janurary. It was formerly titled The Month of Janurary but I want to change the name...I'm seriously considering just deleating it and starting over....I dunno. Thoughts would be nice.

In Germany right now because my great grandmother is sick and this will probably be the last time I will get to see her. Ahh, I love Germany. Mostly because I love champagne. Seriously I'm like addicted to it. Now now trust me I don't drink TO much...and no, I've never gotten drunk. It's not THAT addictive. But I am drinking some right now sooo....hmmm.... lol :D

Also prom is coming up for my cousin's homeschool thing and they are taking me and my gang. It should be fun. It's nice because we thought we were going to miss prom because we would be in Australia and not in the US but turns out we won't lol.

Gotta gooo!!! Peace out trout! <3

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