Monday, August 17, 2009

VISA Championships and Taylor Swift!

Congrats to Bridget Solan!!!!! So so so so proud of her winning the VISA Championships! She totally deserved it and was absoutely amazing. Also congrats to Johnathon Horton. He looked amazing (as always) and proud of him of winning the VISA Championships (men, obviously), he totally deserved it. :)

I was right!!! Taylor Swift's new single will be Fifteen. Hahaha, just what I said in my last blog! Am I physic or what?! Ok maybe not...but still, I'm pretty darn good!

Sorry that this came out a little late this was in my drafts for a good three days, but I had no oppertunity to get on during the weekend, and then Monday I had school stuff. Ugh, I start next Monday :O!!!!!

Gotta go loves! Peace out trout!

lovelovelove-Avrill <3

Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 Visa Championships

I caught the whole thing on Thursday night and I have to say it was quite interesting. First was vault, not much anything amazing or spectacular. Kayla Williams looked fantastic though. Totally stuck it. I am very impressed with this girl. I expect her to go very far in this sports, she looked amazing on all of her routines, very solid, very good.

I have to say alot of the new talent did impress me. I'm not to big on Rebecca Bross. She needs a little more originality to her. Not blaming the fact that she happens to attend WOGA, but this whole "Maybe she'll be the future all-around champ, third one for WOGA" is a bit much for me. Come on. Let's let the girls do gymnastics, not try and create a franchise out of all of this. It just makes it all cheezy and publicity.

I loveloveloveloveloved Bridget. Absoutely fantastic routines. She may not have stuck everything, but still very fantastic.

Ivana was ok. Did not like her beam at all. Way to much like Nastia's. Again, I'm all about originality. Nastia is Nastia. She is fantastic and that beam routine works for her. Not for Ivana.

Nastia looked ok also. Very shaky on her beam, but still very nice. I do not like all this hype about her though. This "She is the BEST GYMNAST ON THE ENTIRE PLANET!!!'' No. No. No. NO. She is an incredibly excellent gymnast, who won THAT DAY. That's all that matters. There is no such thing as being the best in the world. It all depends on different situations and what happens THAT DAY. She is not "the queen of beam". She is excellent on beam and I love her to death, but she is not the queen of anything. Nobody is. There is no such thing.

But I do know one thing. After 2012, I predict Nastia is going to be coaching along side her dad. Seriously, she is already doing it! She's got the attitude, everything. And I think she would be a wonderful coach.

I L-O-V-E-D Sam's beam routine. Could not get more solid and good than that girl did. Overall, she was also ok, but I think if she tweaks some things she'll be wonderful.

Do not expect Jana to stay in the sport much longer. Very meediocre, no zip or spark. Didn't look all that happy either. Nah, she's not gonna last.

That's it from me! Peace out trout!

lovelovelove-Avrill <3

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Take a deep breath and you walk through the doors...

So school is starting in about two weeks for me (one for some, some have already started!). So what's that got to do with the title? Well, it's called Fifteen, written by the lovely Taylor Swift, about her freshman year. And I have a hunch that Fifteen is going to be her next single because of school starting and all. I wish it would be Forever and Always, because that is my favorite song off of the Fearless album, but hey, Fifteen is good to. I can really relate to that song. The line "Someone tells you they love you, you're gonna believe them". That was me. At fifteen. I was a sophomore instead of a freshman though, but I think anyone at that age can relate to the song, whether they are a freshman, ,sophomore, or homeschooler. I think what stuck out to me though was the fact that I was fifteen, going in highschool for the first time, but I had completed a homeschooler, freshman year, so I was a sophomore, and how scary it can be. Everyone in that grade knows each other from freshman year and you feel all alone. And then some really cute guy, tells you they love you and you believe him. You swear you're going to marry him someday and you think he is the one. And then you find out that he cheated on you. Then Should've Said No came into the picture. Then it was Picture to Burn. Then when he tried to apologize it was You're Not Sorry. Now I am happy to say it turned into Fearless (with a new guy) and Our Song. I know, so incredibly long, just to say how much I get it. My life is music after all. :)

In closing, I wanted to add a blog post Taylor added that I found so inspiring and made me so exicted for school starting (I'll be a junior this year!!! YEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!) :)

"Just a few years ago, mid-August meant back-to-school shopping and getting my class schedules. It meant wondering where my locker was, hoping it was an upper locker (not a lower locker. Because I'm a giant.) Hanging out with my best friend Abigail at her house, talking about guys, and how someday I wanted to be a singer and she wanted to get a college scholarship for swimming. Those day-before-school jitters, finishing up summer projects, and having nightmares about tripping and falling in front of everybody on the first day. Then you guys came into the picture.

Now mid-August means touring the country, singing songs about my life, and looking out at people singing the words back to me. Preparing for my performance on the VMA's and counting down to my first concert at Madison Square Garden. My band and I are gearing up for our next trip back to the UK. Abigail is still my best friend, and we still talk about guys, but now she's in college at Kansas with a scholarship for... you guessed it: Swimming. And last night, she and my friend Kellie Pickler came out onstage and surprised me with a sign that said "Congratulations, Taylor! You Won 2 Teen Choice Awards!" These days, I spend a lot of my time planning my next step, organizing my next project, coming up with my next move.. But what I think about even more than all of that is the fact that you guys DID come into the picture, and you made all of this happen.

I think about high school a lot, and how I'm so glad to have had two years of going to school and messing up my locker combination and going to football games and participating in gym class even though I have no coordination. I'll never forget walking past the guy I'd been crushing on for months, making eye contact with him, and then realizing my flip flop had fallen off right in front of him. Turn around, pick it back up, pretend like you're not mortified. I'll never forget the talent show my freshmen year, the one I was so nervous about.. I wanted to write a song specifically for the talent show, so I wrote one in about 20 minutes one day after school. It was about my then-boyfriend and it was called "Our Song". I'll never forget having my permit, and switching places with my mom in the car when we got to school in the mornings. I'll never forget getting asked to go to prom two days before, buying a $40 dress, and having the time of my life. You have your bad days when it feels like there's just so much drama, or not enough going on at all. But then you have the days you'll never forget, the ones that make you into who you're going to be. This is not my graduation speech, I swear.

This is just me saying to you.. Thank you for what you've done for me.

And to those of you going back to school, take it in.

And I hope you don't fall in front of everybody on the first day. ;)


In real closing now, peace out trout!

Lovelovelove-Avrill <3

Monday, August 10, 2009

Teen Choice Awards

So the Teen Choice Awards were on last night but I missed it because my lil sis has a friend spending the night (I wouldn't have remembered but I was quite happy to find out that Taylor won TWO SURFBOARDS (side note: why surfboards? I know it's summer and all but still...surfboards? Really?) Choice Music Female Artist and Choice Music Female Artist Album!!! I am so so so happy and proud of her to win those, especially since she was the only country person out there. :) Some other winners that made me happy: David Archuleta won Choice Music Love Song (they like long titles don't they?) for his song "Crush", Shawn Johnson won Choice Female Athelte (gooooo Shawny!!!!), and Daren Kagasoff won Choice Summer TV Male for "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" (my favorite show :) ).

So, yup, that's it from me! Peace out trout!

lovelovelove-Avrill <3

Friday, August 7, 2009

Seconds, hours, how many days?

I am seriously in love with this song. The lyrics are amazing and it is such a powerful song. It makes me want to do so much. It makes me want to laugh, cry, do something amazing, jump up and down, run with no desination, conquer anything, hug people, sing at the top of my lungs, dance in the rain, write a story/'s a powerful song. I love it. Hope you find it just as amazing as I do! :)

Not really anything else going on. I don't update as much cause it feels like no one really reads it...ah well such is life...

Anywho hope everyone else is having a good end-of-summer! Can't believe it is going to be over!!! School is just like 2 weeks away for me. Where did the time go???? Anyways, peace out trout!

lovelovelove-avrill <3